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Monitor Archive for October 8, 1991

Ars Poetica
Half-Brothers Or Joint-Heirs?
Sending a Video Postcard From Hemingway's Home
News Currents
Dead Sea Scrolls Stir Lively Debate
Stance on Loan Guarantees Marks Significant Shift in US Israel Policy
A Participant Looks at the Pros and Cons of Reaganomics
The Golden State Has Yet To Feel the Rays of Recovery
Scandals Rekindle Talk of Term Limits
Partial Justice in Salvador
Economic and moral rebound
Microfiber: The Chic Polyester
Russian City Aims to Become A Haven for Free Enterprise
'Capture' of Federal Presidency Shifts Power in Yugoslavia
America's Role in Combating Global Warming
Signs of 'Balkanization' Seen in Soviet Union
Who Won the Sexual Revolution?
Congress's Own Banking Crisis
US Sits Back On Coup In Haiti
IMF, World Bank Meet in Bangkok
America's Role in Combating Global Warming
Moving Back With 'Mum and Dad'
Houses Divided
Ideas to Shake Up Education
The Overselling of the United Nations
New Zealand Would Welcome US Ship Visit
Jordan and Palestinians Work on Joint Delegation
Library That 'Freed' the Scrolls Hears a Jericho-like Blast of Support
Weicker Gets His Income Tax, But Citizens Fight It
A Preview of Bush's 1992 Campaign
Japan's Bid to Dispatch Soldiers Abroad Falters
Reinforcing a Bad Civics Lesson in Texas
Civilians and Military in Togo, Zaire at Odds Over Reform
Are Women Being Taken to The Cleaners?