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Monitor Archive for January 30, 1991

Massachusetts Lawmaker Pushes For Longer Public School Year
Gulf Preoccupation Leads US to Put Off Summit With Soviets
Chemists Keep an Eye on the `Buckyball'
Saudis Stand Firm Under Shadow of War
Somali Rebels Seek Peace After Ousting Ruler
Soviets Strengthen Police Powers
Auto Mileage Bill Introduced in Congress
Arab Backlash More Likely
Italy: Less-Sure Footing
Turkey's Second Front
Syria Plays Cards Close On Where Loyalties Lie
Real Estate Faces Bleak Year
Britain's Major Wins Highest Approval Since Churchill
China Dissident Refuses to Recant
The USSR Backs Into the Future
Greening Public Attitudes
Target Saddam?
Pro-Iraqi Sentiments
Italians Approach Europe's 1992 Single Market With Caution
Funding Squeeze Challenges US Research
Region's Recession Broadens Its Reach
Scientists Begin to Revive the Big `Why?'
Next Step: A Spiritual Outlook
Justice in the Rainforest
Holly Hunter Won't Be Pigeonholed
Now Experience Alone Will Tell
After the Cold War: Experts Reevaluate Prospects of US Role
California Risks Losing its Gold-Plated Credit Rating
A Vietnam Leftover: Military-Press Friction
Experts See More Banks Closing
China Takes Hard Line on Trade Dispute With US
Democrats Point to Needs at Home
Banks, Thrifts, and Credit Unions
News Currents
Saying Goodbye to America's Violence
A Lifeline for the Independents
America: From the Outside, Looking In