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Monitor Archive for January 22, 1991

Israel Wins Points for Restraint After Iraqi Missile Attacks
`Othello' With a Twist
Advise to Investors: Shun War Headlines
News Currents
Australian Peace Rally Takes Anti-US Tack
Court's Decision on Busing Shows Shift in Tactics
Algeria Shifts Toward Iraq
France Says It Is Prepared To Attack Iraqi Targets
Greetings. Do we need a draft?
The `Glass Ceiling' Is Still Unshattered
Trouble With a Capital `S'
United Nations' Multiple Roles At Odds In Confronting Gulf Crisis
A Spiritual Revolution for Cuba
Moscow's Power-Grab in Latvia Repeats Lithuania
CORRECTION [CO]Correction for 1/17/91
US Must Pursue Peace in the Persian Gulf and the World
Small Firms Challenge Nintendo in New Games
Conscience or Politics?
US Forces Prepare For Ground Assault
Backsliding in the Baltics
War and World Order
Turkey Sees Benefits From US Use of Bases
Meet Brazil's Queen of Kid TV
Tough Trade Dispute, US Recession Put Japan on Spot
Mother-Daughter Image Suffers in Film
Drugs and D.C.: The Costs Are Both Obvious and Subtle
Oregon's New Governor Has to Wield Paring Knife
Bush and Saddam Look at Conflict With Different Historical Lenses
Domestic Daybook Evokes A Vanished Rural South
Mary Williams vs. Drugs - Staying and Fighting
Israel's New Exodus