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Monitor Archive for January 18, 1991

Affirmative Action: Solution or Problem?
Gulf Crisis Underscores Party Differences
Japan Responds With More Aid for Gulf Effort
Israelis Welcome Raids, Tighten Grip in West Bank, Gaza
Affirmative Action: Solution or Problem?
The Man of Science And the Alphabet Girls
`Desert Storm' Success Elates Joint Forces But Task of Freeing Kuwait Is Hardly Over
Merry Old Soul Vs. Lord of Camelot
Lithuanians Expect Soviets To Try to Seize Parliament
Israel's Policy on Palestinian Universities
Gulf States Applaud Air Strikes
Few Signs of Anti-West Backlash As Arabs Grapple With Raids
Buildup to Gulf War
Australian Ships Committed
British Labour Rallies Behind Tories on Gulf
War in the Gulf
Bronze Tribute to a Black Leader Balances Lincoln Park Monument
Turkey To Permit US Use of Base
Early Raids End With Few Losses
The Fall of the Austrian, Ottoman, and Soviet Empires
A Precedent Worth Dying For?
Gangs That `Secede' From Society
First Night of War Finds Capitol Still Except for Tightened Security
Last-ditch Soviet Effort Fails
China Holds to Middle Line
Milwaukee Gangs Operate Like Small - and Risky - Businesses
Kuwaitis in Cairo Rejoice Amid Worry Over Relatives
Antiwar Sentiment Gains Ground in France and Germany
Schools Central to King's Dream
S. Africans Draw On King's Legacy
By Design: Schools For Minorities Only
Black Mentors Extend a Hand
A Woman's `Lifetimes' of Activism
Bush's Decision for War Puts His Ideals to Test
War Needn't Cause Oil Shortages