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Monitor Archive for January 14, 1991

Beijing Removes a Lake - by Hand
Debating the Limits on Lawmakers' Terms
Cleric May Be Angola's Bridge to Democracy
US Debates Issue of `Just War'
Plurality of Americans Say `Give Sanctions More Time'
`Desert Shield' Exposes Turkey to Threats
Arms Denial - the Larger Use of Sanctions
Aggression in Baltics
Soviet Military Takes Charge In Lithuania
Paul Simon Takes `Rhythm of the Saints' on Tour
A Sensitive Import
Firms Increase Advertising For Hispanics
Rushdie's Fables of Truth and Fantasy
US Deaths Shift Advantage to Salvadoran Military
Lithuanians Confront Soviet Troops
Critics Fault Japan On World Leadership
Slum Spreads at Feet of the Sphinx
Gulf Standoff Rivets Americans' Attention
What's New at Giza
Seeing the Earth Through Astronauts' Eyes
Ghost of Lenin Haunts Modern USSR
Japan's 'Hot Salsa' Stirs the US
Congress Authorizes Force in Gulf, Calling It Last Chance for Peace
EC Condemns Crackdown in Lithuania
The Taste of Scottish Hospitality
Mexico Offers Plan to Aid Region's Economy
UN-Iraq Talks Hinge on Issue of International Mideast Conference
News Currents
Massacre Shows How Crime Complicates S. Africa's Transition
Few US Industries Currently Shine
A Picture Gallery Of Style and Color
Probability or Divine Law?