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Monitor Archive for September 7, 1990

Insights of First-Time Author
Iraq Enlists Time As a Patient Ally
Aiding the Displaced
Russian Right Tries to Slow Reform
A High-Stakes Census
The Case for an Ageless State
Discount Broker Volume Goes Up
New Leak Postpones Shuttle Launch Indefinitely
Literary Agents: Midwives for New Authors
A Chilean Woman Deals With Legacy Of Nation's Dark Past
Selectivity Is the Word at Telluride
`Does It Reach the Children?'
Look for Their Perfections!
North-South Korea Talks Produce Freer Dialogue, Summit Proposal
Nowhere to `Anywhere' - A Writer's Emergence
The Mohawks' Canny Strategy
US Wants Unity Show Over Irag
Firewood and Sweet Victory
When Pea Soup Sets In
Only Arabs Can Usher Saddam Out
Novels: Some Notable Debuts
UN's Post-Cold War Stature Grows