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Monitor Archive for September 27, 1990

Mideast Arms Race
Car Sales Soar in Merged Economy
Ex-Jazz Drummer Leads Concertgebouw in US Tour
Budget Negotiators Push `Apex' Summit to the Wire
A Time for Teachers
A Purist Turns to Childen's Books
God's Healing Love Endures
Help De Klerk - But Not Too Much
Elder Abuse on Rise; Protection Limited
To What End the War of Words?
Relief Agencies Swim With The Sharks
Winning Profile of Pooh's Originator
Leaders for the UN
Rich and Poor in Poland
Mother-Daughter Comedy Defies Clich'es
Army History Book Angers China's Leaders
Forest Service Keeps Mule Teams Packing
Studying History Locked in a Black Box
US Tobacco Companies Fight for East German Market
Arab League Meeting Aims Mainly to Muffle Disputes
Using Force on Iraq Raised at UN
The Bront"e Sisters: Writing the Lonely Wilds
Vladivostok and the Soviet Far East: Still Closed, or Open for Business?
Austerity: Will the Soviet Public Rebel?
Industrial City Hit Hard by Reforms
Tracing Time Across the Moors
E. Germans Puzzle Over What to Do With Marx and Lenin