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Monitor Archive for September 17, 1990

Regild the Golden Door
Iowa TV Gets Beyond Sound Bites
Chile Struggles to Lift Burden of Pinochet Years
Souter Praised For Intellect, but Short on Specifics
A Twitchell Juror Reflects on Fairness, Justice
Preventive Prayer
Readers Respond to the Trial
Spooked-Out In Hollywood
Mongolians at Home on the Range
Japan Increases Gulf Aid to Deflect Criticism
What Is a Netsuke?
NBC Adjusts Its Focus on Arabs
Gorbachev's Best Shot
New Jersey Teachers Return to Work
Arab Parties Sympathetic to Iraq Unite Against West's Intervention
Lending to Rise At World Bank
A Skewed Image of Arabs
Giving an Ancient Craft a Modern Feel
British, French Units Sent to Gulf Indicate Possible War Tactics
The Art of Baiting America's Product Hook
Tips on Leading an Organized Life