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Monitor Archive for August 7, 1990

Cuban Activists Seek `Dignified Way' to End Castro's Rule
As New Green Laws Bloom, Judges Find Need for Training
From The Pen Of Beatrix Potter
Neighboring African States Debate Action in Liberia
Japan, Australia Count Cost of Sanctions Against Iraq
Einstein's Theory Put to the Test
Phone Competition Divides Australian Cabinet
... and on Israel [ cf. Truman's Choice on Hiroshima... ]
Ordinary Blokes
Cost of Movie Tickets Soars
Toward Mediterranean Stability
Truman's Choice on Hiroshima... [ cf. ... and on Israel ]
God's Power and Presence
Plan to Privatize British Power Short-Circuits
Now It's Time for Biologists to Take A Cosmic Perspective
Creating Artwork to Sit Upon
10 Most Crime-Ridden US Cities
Barry Case Misses Mark, Blacks Say
Will Souter Make It?
US Readies Broad Response to Iraqi Invasion
Sun Up!
D.H. as `a Living Man'