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Monitor Archive for March 13, 1990

Met Stagings Offer Fresh Views of Gounod, Wagner
Zevon Stops Kidding Around
New Brand of Public Service Spots Cover A World of Issues
US Census to Include Homeless
He Slipped the Captain A Golden Butterscotch
Nile River Rights Run Deep
The Overcrowded Third World City
Winter Thaw
Rough Ice
Lithuania's Declaration
Soviet Economy at Crossroads
Downstream Fears Feed Tensions
US Computer Alternatives Designed to Help the Blind
In Silesia, Poles worry about their future once two Germanys become one country
Gyro Project's Research Lesson
Los Angeles Residents Irked By Medfly Pesticide Spraying
Fractious Mujahideen Face Battle for US Aid
The RJR Nabisco Mega Deal: Buyout at the Corporate Corral
`Peace Dividend' Devoured by Revenue Shortfall
Computer Aids Visually Impaired
Renovation Goes Mainstream
A Holocaust Memorial in Berlin