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Monitor Archive for February 8, 1990

Los Angeles Votes to Adopt Year-Round School Schedule
Army Steers Clear of Conflict With Rebels
Eyes of Texans Are Upon State's Method Of Funding Schools
Arkansas Senator Finds Fault With EPA
Monet's Series Paintings Reunited
Illiteracy Looms Over India
Electronic Bugs Infest Argentine Presidential Home
A Show Pointing Nowhere
In India, Marriages Made by Computer
Caucus Tests Candidates' Strength
Precommunist Populist Still Battles
Is Jesus Welcome at Your House?
Runaway Lives?
Gorbachev Seen Stronger After Soviet Party Meeting
House Approves `Motor Voter' Bill
Pentagon Purse Strings
The Mature Picasso Found Rejuvenation In Childlike Art
Power and Storytelling
On the `Moral Universe' in Literature