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Monitor Archive for February 26, 1990

US Edgy As Money Flows to Europe
Chicago Wrestles With Trash Crisis
Taut and Terrifying Mystery
`One Starts by Thanking God'
Lebanon Feud Turns Traditions Upside Down
Talk of Peace Dividend Premature
Scientists Urge Robotic, Not Human, Trip to Mars, Moon
Mandela to Factions: Throw Guns Into Sea
A Place for Everyone
Charting a Moral Course
Dark Side of Russian Nationalism
Dollar Coin In, Penny Out
UN Role at Center of New Talks
A Yardstick For Business Ethics
Why Pray?
P.D. James Talks About Her Writing and the Appeal of Mystery Novels

A Vase is Removed from the Anagama
EEOC Should Break `Glass Ceiling'
Birth Control Lags, Report Warns
Josiah Wedgwood: Master Potter
Torturous Path to Peace in East Africa