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Monitor Archive for December 21, 1990

Always Ready for `Parcheesi'
In Attitude, It's Still A Nation `Under God'
Slovenia to Vote on Independence
Gorbachev Stays the Course
A Boy Went Greenin' For Wreaths' Sake
Metropolitan's Five-Premi`ere Season Gets Off to a Promising Start
Joe Volpe, Former Carpenter In the Met's Front Office
Postseason Huddle Is a Muddle
Are These Thoughts Profitable?
A Night at the Opera - at Home
New 777 Loaded With Innovations
Reemergence of Bolivian Guerrillas Gets Tough Response
Lithuanian President Sees Commonwealth Replacing USSR
Shevardnadze Steps Down, Warning of Soviet Dictatorship
Did US Recession Start Last June?
Israelis Ask Broader Peace
Germany's Greens: Missing the Unity Train
State's Limited Drug Treatment for Women Mirrors Problem in Nation
China Is Willing to Discuss Rights
'Emigr'es in Australia Ponder Returning Home to S. Africa
UN Seen Close to Vote on Protection for Palestinians
At One College, the `Leaders of Tomorrow' Learn From the Leaders of Today
Banks' Credit Crunch
Books About the Big Book
News Currents
Ode to Bowls That Fumbled and Never Scored
Know the Charity Before You Give, Experts Warn
A Widely Known Fact? Maybe Not
`Title Sponsors' Give Games a Cash Boost
In the Giving Season, US Charities Are Feeling the Economic Squeeze