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Monitor Archive for November 28, 1990

On the Road to `Lean Production' of Automobiles
Survey of US Economists Says Recession Is Here
Do Not Leave Nicaragua Alone
Polish Voters Reject Harsh Solidarity Reform Plan
Poland's Electoral Surprise
South Korea, Japan Accept Common Goals
What Ukrainians Want - Strong Links to the West
Low-Cost SETI Program Promises Awesome Discoveries
US Airlines: Fewer but Stronger
Kohl Rides Tide of Unification
Yet Another Look at Van Gogh
Weak Dollar Reflects Weaker US Economy
German Unification Boosts Free Democrats
Stark Journey Across the Desert
Does the World Want Jordan to Vanish?
Nature Altered for Aussie Farmers
Former Communists Meet Cool Response From Leftists in West
Transcending Race With Dance
Soviet Kids Will Learn Capitalism, Entrepreneur Says
Taming the L.A. Traffic Monster
Colleges Urged to Keep Costs Affordable
Hollywood Ownership Goes Global
Japan Will Pay Malaysia To Save Tropical Forests
Russian Play `Cerceau' Depicts Pre-Glasnost Generation
Genes, Heredity, and Genetic Engineering
Fraud Cases Net US $250 Million in '90
Quiet Criticism Emerges Inside Iraq
Supreme Court Leaves Ban on Begging Intact
Saddam and the Bomb
The Stakes for Thatcher and Bush