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Monitor Archive for November 27, 1990

The President Is in a Bind
Lessons From the Cuban Missile Crisis
German History Lessons
Customs Service Probes Israeli Role in Selling Arms to Colombian Drug Lords
Chicago Poised to Weather Slump
Prayer and Protection
Gulf Policy Is Not `Outside of Politics'
South African Businesses Launch Plans to Aid Blacks
Amy Greenfield's Finely Spun `Antigone'
Flight of the Red-Tailed Hawk
Iraq Urges Renewed Accord With US
Walesa, Poland Discover Little-Known Challenger
Bedtime Stories Told All Day Long
Message in the Milken Sentence
Infrastructure Face-Lift Overdue
Impact of Dukakis's Integrity Called by Some His Chief Legacy
Lebanon's Aoun Waits in Silence
Interfacing with Real Faces
The Best of Independent Films Are There If You Look for Them
As Economy Softens, Consumers Advised To Be Credit-Wise
Drug Barons Dangle Olive Branch
Culture Shock in Eastern Europe
The Governors' Burden
Saluting an Awesome Draftsman
Senate Probe Spotlights Use Of Influence
A Way Out of Failure
Africa Update
No Recession, Analyst Says, Despite Consumer Worries
Bonn Backs Food Relief for Soviets