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Monitor Archive for November 15, 1990

Peace Eludes N. Ireland On Anniversary of Accord
Gorbachev and Yeltsin Map Future
A Still Useful Accord
China's Provincial Leaders Resist Beijing's Bid to Control Economy
News Currents
Tough Winter Looms For New Democracies
Eritrea's Other War: Against Famine
The Man of the Fields
Redefine, Reformulate Persian Gulf Policy
For the Bravest Investors Only
Bush Wavers Between Strategies
The Fence That Won the West
Two Cases Challenge Attorney-Client Privilege
The Larger Wonder of European Unity
As Arms Supply Winds Down, Afghan Rebels Close Ranks
Animals May Warn of Earthquakes
Funds for Pet Projects Flout Federal Law
Christmas Is Coming Early For Troops in Saudi Arabia
Roaring '20s Are Recaptured in a Revival of `Oh, Kay!'
Eritrean Rebels Prepare For Life After War - and After Marxism
Art Weighted With Emotion
Egypt Reconsiders Prospects of Arab Summit
Public, Congress Look to Slow US Slide Into War
Brazil Squeezed Into Recession
Stars Who Step Behind the Camera
Natural Gas for Automobiles: An Air Pollution Solution
Opposition Cries Foul in Mexico Elections
Country Learnin'
Students' Jobs Can Endanger Their Grades
Asian Immigrants Help Vancouver Beat Recession
Finding Our Workplace
Better Management, Not War
South African Politics and Passion