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Monitor Archive for October 2, 1990

Sri Lanka's Stalemate May Force Fighters To Negotiating Table
School Boards Watch Oklahoma City Case
Trying to Make Computers More Like Humans
TV's Veteran Risk-Taker
How Long Will Support Last?
The Future of Newspapers
Pakistan's Bhutto Trial Reflects Past
Upcoming Burnett Films
Space Race May Go Down Under
Embattled Bhutto Responds to Her Critics
Testing Gorbachev's Patience
Budget Plan Faces Hard Sell On Capitol Hill
Treasury Director Sells French Securities
Making Movies That Fill a Vacuum
Call Me Ishmael
East and West Germans Race To Finish Unity Preparations
The Cost of Regulating Charity
Voters in Sun-Belt States Will Play Role in Shaping Congress
NASA vs. Private Enterprise
Photo Gallery of Space Places
The News From Space Missions Isn't All Bad
Donors Scuffle Over Aid to Jordan
`Loose Lips Sink Ships' - and Start Wars