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Monitor Archive for January 17, 1990

Out of the Scots' Stove Pot Comes Tasty Tradition
The Man Who Was Anti-Everything
The Man Who Loves Chairs: A Talk with a Curator
Furor Over Fur Coats Heats Up
Rickie Lee Jones and Her New Message of Hope
Freedom Triumphs and Romania Goes Pro-Choice
Excerpt from `The Diary of H.L. Mencken'
The Economy's Learning Curve
Renewed Egypt-Syria Ties Hold Promise For Peace Process
Typical Scottish Fare: Crab Soup, Oatcakes
One Seven-Billionth Part-or All?
Shipping Industry Faces Smooth Sailing
Put Panama's Military in Its Place
Government Targets Thrift Boards
Democratic Winds Blow in Cairo
Bush, Congress Resume Battle
How the US Should View Nicaragua Elections
The Witty Influence of Vienna's Biedermeier Style
Why Juilliard Quartet Insists on Mixing New Music With Old
Blazing a Trail for Humor on Public TV