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Monitor Archive for April 28, 1989

Ruling Party Presses Budget
Two-Way Exchange of Smiles. Increase in student exchanges reflects new warmth in Soviet-American relations. COLD WAR THAW
Bush's First 100 Days
A Boy's Glorious Noise
China Student Protesters Gain Clout. Support of intellectuals and workers bolsters youthful demonstrators, worries party. TAKING IT TO THE STREETS
NATO's Course on Eastern Europe
Anti-Military Sentiment Takes Hold. ESTONIA
A World Movement In Soviet Films. Once-banned dark topics covered
Nova Scotia's Stirring Voice. MUSIC: INTERVIEW
Doing the Right Thing
Raising a Ruckus in the Woods. OUTDOORS: MOUNTAIN BIKES
When J.M. Means Journalism Muddle. MEDIA COMMENTARY
Bush Popularity Seen Hinging On Good Times. White House watchers worry the honeymoon could end abruptly at the first sign of crisis. THE FIRST 100 D...
Direct Mail: New Sign of China-Taiwan Thaw
One Moneymaker's Uncommon Common Sense. BOOKS
How Different People Use the GNP. Statistic is used to plan investments, labor contracts, city budgets, and capital spending. ECONOMY
Hitting the Trail - Also Rocks and Logs
Superb Documentary On Jazz Artist Chet Baker. Oscar nominee finally heads for theaters. FILM: REVIEW
Water Shortage Hurts US Economy. Impact on the nation's food stocks could be worse than last year's drought, economist says
Children Take Poems to Heart
Pacific Nation Aims for Self-Reliance. KIRIBATI: PRESERVING INDEPENDENCE
A Teacher's Voice
Public Opinion Undid Takeshita. PEOPLE POWER IN JAPAN