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Monitor Archive for March 13, 1989

Cheney: A Popular Choice
Cheney at Defense ...
Taking the Time to Pray
Getty Art Education Plan Catches On
Art as a Design for Learning. Getty program outlines lessons in criticism, art history, production, and aesthetics. EDUCATION
US Third-World Debt Plan Praised. Treasury proposal includes debt forgiveness; IMF and World Bank would ease losses
Mining the Opera World for Laughs. THEATER: REVIEW
The Golden Oldies Come Full Swing
Don't Squirm, Listen Carefully, And Enjoy That Concert!
A Bald Reminder
The Japanese Art of Selling
Bush Puts Muscle Behind Push for Strong Science Funding. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT
... Tower Fight Fallout
A Timeless Director. Retrospective reveals `hymns to human possibility' at the heart of great Danish filmmaker's work. CARL THEODORE DREYER
Canada's Third Party Looks for a New No. 1
`Peace Comes Dropping Slow'
Tower Has Cost Bush Goodwill, Momentum. AFTER THE SHOWDOWN
Ruckus on the Australian Range. Cattlemen are protesting the growing Japanese ownership in Aussie ranches and beef industry