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Monitor Archive for December 4, 1989

Iran-Contra Mouse
Hungary: New Pot, Same Goulash
Patience, Flexibility Make the Soviet Sale
Outlook Not So Bad For Big Defense Firms
Catching Stars in a Bucket
Marx Flunks Out
Countertrade: One Ad Was Worth 93 Bicycles
Unchanging Beauty
Cohabitant Kinds
It's Back to the Future Again in a Tricky Sequel That Taps Fans' Interest
Urbane Cynicism from Maugham
Taiwan Takes Giant Step Toward Full Democracy
Coup Attempt All but Crushed
Lawyers' Public-Service Plan Takes the Stand
When Someone Lies to You
A Neutral Hungary in Western Europe
Crucial Vote on PLO Status Nears
PLO Stands Firm on Its Role in the Peace Process
Czechoslovakia's Power Struggle
`Sales' Tax on Legal Fees Offers Public-Service Option
In Namibia, a True Test of Nationalism
Tackling Federal Mismanagement
Inner Battles at Michigan's Edge
Bush, Gorbachev Find Agreement in Malta
Statuettes From A Less Stoic Era
Soviet Treaty Violations
News Currents
Joint Ventures
East German Politburo Resigns
Bigger Bang for Loan Bucks