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Monitor Archive for November 13, 1989

Cambodia Turns Giant Hardwoods to Political Profit
Takeovers: A Thriller For Film Companies
The Perils of East Bloc Reform
US Scholars Should Stay Away From China
Daily Papers Undergo TV-Age Overhaul
Channel Tunnel Is Delayed
Procrastination Can Be Healed
The Oldest US Elementary School Hits 350
A Panoramic Look at the Prolific F. Scott Fitzgerald
Bulgaria Responds to Pressure for Change
Senators and `Constituent Service'
How Japan Became Dominant Player in Asia
Those Laid Off Face Area's High Living Costs
Berlin's Tumbling Wall
All About My Walkabouts
New York City Votes to Restructure Its Government
Drawing the Human Blueprint
Soviets React Calmly to East German Events
Boston Latin School Is Keeping the Classics Alive
Why Fight Drugs, But Vote for Bars?
Woman at the Opera
French Intolerance
Japanese Book Draws Capital's Ire
West Germans Scramble to Shelter Visitors from East
More Layoffs at High-Tech Firms
Bonn and Warsaw Seek Fresh Start
Bush Faces Pressure to Take Trade Action Against Tokyo