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Monitor Archive for October 26, 1989

... And in Moscow [ cf. A Shift in Budapest ... ]
Big-Band Sound Goes Global
Multilingual Literary Journal Catches on Around Europe
Fair Serves as Publishers' Summit
In East Berlin, `The Impossible Can Happen'
Sampling Asian Short Stories
Provocative Powerful - and Puzzling - Art
Soviet Shadow Capitalism's Growing Power
Washington's Rearview Mirror
Leading Kenyan Entrepreneur Sees Good Times Ahead
Take the `Boo' Out of Halloween
Yugoslav System Stymies Reforms
Honda Almost an `American' Company
A Lasting Relationship
Old Wars Revisited
Opposition Campaign Lags
Detroit Pershing '54 - the School
US-Latin Summit Heralds Fresh Approach to Ties
How Not to Be a Boor Abroad
Biking the Slow Hills Of Rural Austria
US Is Warming to Perestroika at Last
Din and Joy in Morocco's Markets
East Germans Step Up Pressure For Political Reform
News Currents
Reagan Has a Ball, But Gets Little Play in Japanese Press
University Budget Cuts Protested
What Counted in Dr. King's Life
Candidate's Popularity Outshines Lack of Political Savvy