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Monitor Archive for October 24, 1989

African Drama Radiates Charm
If Only
US, USSR Maneuver in Chemical Arms Debate
Stalin Had Chance to Join
Love and Fun - by the Bard
An All-Out Political Satire on Iran-Contra Affair - and a Bronx Tale of Growing Up
E. Germany to Ease Travel Limits
Inside the Japanese `Invasion'
Rethink Policy on Panama
City Spends Billions for Olympics - and Beyond
Heroes for Humanity
Harried Shoppers Gain Relief
CIA and Assassination
Cloudy Day: Poems Likely
Lebanon's Peace Plan Faces Early Rejections
India's Bhopal Victims Lose Out in Legal Wrangling
Galileo's Power Packs
Marina Residents' Mettle Tested
A Way to Help More People Buy Homes
Feisty Triumph for Diversity
Child-Care Help On Its Way
Mountains are Kind to Writers
The Man Behind Fred Allen's Cutting-Edge Comedy
Fit Bodies vs. Broken Homes
UN Debate Expected on Namibia
Task Force Steps Up Drug War
Panama Coup Was No Bay of Pigs