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Monitor Archive for October 20, 1989

`Earthbeat' Is Geared for Activists
A Pleasant (Yawn) Match of Field Hockey
Structural Safety Gets Close Look As Dust Settles
Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Is a Success
East Europe Revolutions Revisited
Can Krenz Deliver Real Reform?
Trade with Cuba: Unlearning an Old Lesson
Smoking Ban Is Durbin's Crusade
The Rise of Machines That Play Chess
US Area Policy Termed Unfocused
Healing the Fear of Being Alone
Billy Crystal in USSR - a `Joke-nost' Special
Surmounting Disaster
A Painter Who Liked To Stretch People
Champ To Play Electric Chessman
Central America's Forgotten Rain Forests
`What Was Missing For So Many Years Was Hope'
Salvadorans to Talk Again
White House Will Fight Legislation To Regulate Airline Mergers
US Interest Grows In `Managed Trade'