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Monitor Archive for January 9, 1989

Palestine Rock Rolls Back on Jordan
Japan Quietly Passes Into a New Era. CHANGES ON CHRYSANTHEMUM THRONE
Overseas Exchanges Rebound Faster. MARKETWATCH
Rare Art Treasures on Loan From Siena. Exquisite new show at the Met in New York features individualistic, little-known art from the Renaissance. In...
When the Moguls Ruled Hollywood
'88 Highs, Lows
Uncovering the Sin Behind World Hunger
Funeral Preparations Raise Church-State Issues
Spaniards Savor New European Role. AT THE EC HELM
Costa Rica Saves a High Dry Forest. Government planning, outside funding, and active involvement of near neighbors are key elements in preserving th...
Public Television's Needs
Things Have Changed...Since George Bush first waded into Washington politics
Sudan's Leaders Split on Ending Civil War
The `Tax Gap' and Enforcement
Lehman's Navy
Metro: Slice of Soviet Life. FIRST PERSON: MOSCOW UP CLOSE
Colombians Take Over `Coke' Trade in Mexico. EXPANDING DRUG WAR