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Monitor Archive for January 4, 1989

'89 Economy: a Rerun of '88?
Costa Rica Halts Assault on Its Fragile Tropical Forests. International organizations lend financial support and technical assistance
Tramway in the Treetops. BIRD'S-EYE VIEW
Holding the Key to OPEC Accord. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Base Closings Make Sense
Faith and Race in South Africa. The Rev. Nico Smith and his Wife are First Whites to Live Legally in a Black Township
A Classical `Top 12' From '88. MUSIC RECORDINGS
BOSTON VISIONS. Imaginative Design Ideas to Improve a Charming Old City
Formidable Task Awaits Drug Czar
A Fresh Start
Detroit Looks to `Concept Cars' as Image Builders
Just Politics
God-directed Resolve
Landscapes With Universal Feeling