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Monitor Archive for January 26, 1989

Baker at State: Early Plaudits, But Still Untested. In today's changing world the secretary will have to be innovative as well as pragmatic. US FORE...
On the Road to Guangzhou. From a not-so-slow boat to the not-so-fast lanes of southern China. TRAVEL: NOTES AND SKETCHES
Africa's Injustices Aren't All to the South. Oppression by black leaders should elicit the same moral outrage heaped on South African apartheid
Eastern Europe's Human Rights Record
Animal Rights
Mystery of the Woolly Bear Mitten
From Hardship to Affluence
Many Uses of Tropical Flora and Fauna
Rescuing the Bounty of Rain Forests. BIOLOGICAL CORNUCOPIA
Tale of a tea bowl
Probing the Hong Kong Question. BRITAIN'S LATEST `COLONIAL' DEBATE
Houston Schools End Shelter Experiment. HOMELESS YOUTH
US Mideast Task: Keep Up the Momentum
East Bloc Backpedals on Rights. MONITORING THE VIENNA ACCORDS
Italy's Imprint on 20th-Century Art. EXHIBITION: PAINTINGS
Justice and God's Law
Why the Three-Mile Limit Sank
South African Blacks' New Tactic Fazes Pretoria. Sowetans' readiness to negotiate may signal political watershed. NEGOTIATING FOR GAINS
Castro: Between the Eagle and the Bear
Polish Rockettes, Russian Athletes. Poland's Mazowsze troupe and the USSR's Moiseyev company dazzle world audiences with their precision and daring....

Folklore in the Palm of Your Hand. MITTENS WITH A PAST