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Monitor Archive for January 25, 1989

Gracious Words
Brazil's Rainbow Cuisine. You'll find Syrian, Japanese, West African, native, Moorish and more flavors here. FOOD: BOUNTY IN `THE LAND OF BEANS'
Stanford's CIV Course Sparks Controversy. EDUCATION: UPDATE ON THE CLASSICS DEBATE
Woodpile Counseling
The Art of Climbing Up And Taking Over. `Working Girl' takes a lighthearted view of office chicanery. FILM: REVIEW
Reading Between Lines of Pentagon Report
Will 1989 Bring Peace to the Middle East? The opportunities have never been better, but both sides have to stop finger-pointing and start talking
Abraham Telling (Bible) Stories to Isaac
Peg the Pay Raise to Budget Progress
(More) Bad News for India's Gandhi
Politics: Business Expense
A Talent for Anonymity
Various Test Approaches: A Look at Pros and Cons
Rad Reading for Tuned-In Teens
Giuseppe Arcimboldo Paints a Portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe
Soviets Try Western Management. A BOOST TO TRADE?
If You Find a Road With No Speed Limit ...
Federal Workers Fight Drug Testing. Federal employees have filed at least 14 lawsuits challenging the legality of drug testing. CALIFORNIA: DRUG DEB...
Sports Primer for Primary Schools. First issue of a junior version of Sports Illustrated is a big hit with kids and teachers. EDUCATION: THE READING...
Solidarity Runs Risks by Talking to Regime
Tokyo's Latest Export: TV Shows. ALL EYES GLUED ON JAPAN
Forming Links via `Electronic Glasnost'
Shultz's `Gifts' to New Team at State. To the end, outgoing secretary of state made decisions benefiting new foreign policy crew. CLEARING THE DECK...
Jazz Pianist Sticking to Standards. Marian McPartland is exploring frontiers of improvisation, while giving audiences the numbers they want to hear....