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Monitor Archive for January 24, 1989

MASTERING THE MONOPRINT. Persistence pays off for printmaker Cynthia Nartonis, whose first New York show is underway
How Will Adam Smith Play in China?
A Caribbean `Playboy'. Poetry is missing from new adaptation. PERFORMANCE: THEATER
Asking the Right Question
Florida Growth Pressures Wildlife. ENDANGERED SPECIES

All Aboard for Ho Chi Minh City! Steam-powered trip offers breathtaking scenery and vivid glimpses of war's toll. SPINE-JOLTING RIDE THROUGH VIETNAM
The `Food Weapon' and Famine in the Sudan
Smoking Out the Tobacco Institute Survey
President Bush and Government Ethics
An Art that Survived Politics
Noise Gun: More Bang for SDI Buck
Conservatives Aim for Comeback. But veteran leader may find ties to former dictatorship too great a political liability. SHAKING UP SPANISH POLITICS
Just Planted - and Ready to Pick. Container-grown tomato plants give northern farmers early pickings of premium fruit. BUCKETS OF TOMATOES
It's Time to Help End Angola's Civil War
Warsaw, Solidarity Come Around to Round-Table Talks
Strange Bedfellows in the Mideast. Palestinian and Shiite radicals in Lebanon are joining forces against the US and PLO. TERRORISM: UNHOLY ALLIANCE
Traffickers Threaten Land Reform. Drug lords are buying up land the government wants to redistribute to rural peasants. COLLISION COURSE IN COLOMBIA
World Cinema Sampler. Well-chosen six-film series - from Taiwan, USSR, Portugal, Switzerland, France, and England - is touring 30 US cities. FILM: R...
White China and Brown Bags. COMMENTARY: LET'S DO LUNCHEON
Huckleberry Finn Forever
Experts Suspect Terrorists United to Bomb Airliner. Groups met in December to condemn Arafat, block US-PLO dialogue. FLIGHT 103: LOOKING FOR ANSWERS
A New Niche in Day Care Emerges
The Trumpeter of Krakov