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Monitor Archive for January 23, 1989

PLAYWRIGHT A.R. GURNEY. INTERVIEW. I think what's happening in the theater today is that playwrights are becoming slightly tribal. They're speaking...
Call a Foul on the NCAA
Ivory Coast: A Shrine ... to What?
Starting over?
Bush Fills a Bully Pulpit
Radio: Media's Lost Continent. Producer Hiram Brown keeps aiming for a radio revival
One Man's Rubbish is Another's Art. `My philosophy? If I could tell you my philosophy, I'd be a writer'. JUNK SCULPTURE
Nicaraguans Grapple With Economic Despair. TAKING FLIGHT
Why Peking Becomes Beijing
Industrial Unions on the Rebound
President Bush Opens Era of Public-Steward Politics. Shift from Reagan in style, tone, and substance grows more visible. POST-REAGAN WHITE HOUSE
A Glaring Omission in History Texts
Where Perestroika Is Verboten
Mother-Daughter Journey
Chinese Enclave in Canada. Middle-class immigrants from the British Crown Colony put down roots in Vancouver. BRITISH COLUMBIA'S HONG KONG
Hanoi Spy Who Came in From Cold. UNEARTHING A MOLE
Mr. Bush and Congress
Super Bowl a Tiny Slice of Sports Business
`A New Breeze is Blowing': Excerpts from Bush Inaugural Address
Where Farming and Ecology Meet. Greenhouse effect and global warming should be considered as the US addresses its agricultural problems
Sessions and the House Hoover Built. Suits by agents, Asian drugs, the CISPES probe, even `glasnost' test the top US G-man. AN INTERVIEW: WITH THE F...
Initiative Urges Ban on Assault Guns. CALIFORNIA: GUN CONTROL