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Monitor Archive for January 19, 1989

Lapham Starts Talk Show on Books. The editor who remade Harper's wants PBS series to raise level of discourse in America. TELEVISION: INTERVIEW
Youth Homelessness on the Rise in Britain. TEENS SQUEEZED OUT OF SYSTEM
NEXT: `MISS SAIGON'. Boublil and Sch"onberg: A French writing partnership dubbed a Rodgers and Hammerstein for the '90s. INTERVIEW: THE MEN BEHIND `...
Tourism Still at Cruising Altitude. Uncertain dollar, terrorist threats don't deter travelers, but they're choosier
When Progress Is Slow
`Bookmark' Gets Off to a Slow Start. TELEVISION: PREVIEW
A Feast of French Facts
NASA Eyes 1996 Saturn Mission
Revolutionary Realism. BICENTENNIAL FRANCE
Portrait of the Artist as Model
Left Out In the Cold
Super Bowl Mania - a Rite of Winter. FOOTBALL'S CULTURAL CELEBRATION
A Liberal's Secret: She Liked Reagan
To Their Own Kind of Trumpet
Social Security Interest? You Figure It
Prospects for Peace in Cambodia. US anticipates political solution for war-torn land in 1989
Reagan's Legacy for America