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Monitor Archive for January 17, 1989

Moscow Moves to Quell Ethnic Unrest in South. Plan for direct rule over Karabakh raises Armenian hopes for future transfer. AZERBAIJANI-ARMENIAN CON...
Colossus of Construction
Fonda in a Clarifying Mood. Amid a host of career successes, she still feels a need to explain her '72 trip to Hanoi. ACTRESS: ACTIVIST
In Uganda, One Group Explores Ways to Support Victims and Their Families
Africa on Offensive Against AIDS. World Health Organization plays crucial role in continent-wide battle. FROM DEBATE TO ACTION
When Wild West Sat for Its Portrait. ART: COWBOYS AND INDIANS
Reagan's Libyan Legacy Lingers. BUSH-QADDAFI PUZZLE
Trail of Tears and Triumph. Alabama offers tours to significant sites in the history of the civil rights movement. BLACK HERITAGE
US Planetary Exploration Back on Track for the '90s. MAPPING THE GALAXY
Seeing Sea Squares
Walsh's Motion
`Weapons of Ill Repute'
Timing is Everything
California Gears for GOP Reshuffle. NATION: A TALE OF TWO DUKES
Claiming the Victory
A Vision of Freedom Born in Prison. INTERVIEW: SCULPTOR