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Monitor Archive for September 7, 1988

In the writing good things come
A city sends its schools to college
An artist's touch at the chessboard
Flawed, fascinating first novel
Meaningful moments at the foot of the cellar steps
From skilled printmakers, powerful images of night
`Open Admissions' works well on TV. Jane Alexander stars in drama set in classroom
Why `Night is not night enough'
Canadian prime minister signs historic land pact. BOON FOR NATIVE PEOPLES
An insider's look at blacks and Dukakis
Kindergarten No. 1069. Soviet day-care facilities, sponsored by local businesses, vary widely in type and quality of care. But here in this `detski...
Time to stop treating Cuba like an untouchable
A stark saga of an icy island settlement in the Dark Ages
Rumbles from Jackson camp on Dukakis. Staffing and voter-drive pledges still unfulfilled
Alphabet of an inchworm
Democrat pollster concedes that Bush won August
What matters at Krasnoyarsk
Most men's seeds fall in early rounds of US Open tennis play. Steffi Graf's bid for Grand Slam highlights women's competition
Chicago plots reform of its public school bureaucracy. Chicago's school system is the third largest in the US and often referred to as the worst. As...
Sketching in a garden
At Afghan-Pakistani border, it's hard to tell friend from foe. Reporters run into intrigue, corruption frontier-style
Congress enters final stretch. Democrats push agenda to put Reagan, Bush on the defensive
Washington's tainted atmosphere
GRILL. Cooking over coals not just a fad - it's how America entertains
Flood waters begin to recede in Bangladesh. But vast relief effort needed to reach millions of isolated families
A youthful Soviet-US dialogue
Namibia talks enter crucial round. Cubans, South Africans ready to start shooting if talks fail
Churches chart collision course with Pretoria. DEFIANCE IN SOUTH AFRICA
Report finds US schools lacking adequate computers
Limited access?
Retirement planning: why advisers urge people to start early