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Monitor Archive for September 6, 1988

Leaving the Mississippi
Bingham's boatmen
LONDON THEATER. Thriving against current odds
Game, set, match, and tea: memories of a tennis legend
USA Today's TV show plans to give viewers info-tainment
Moscow to help speed Vietnam pullout. TURNING POINT FOR CAMBODIA?
Does greenhouse make sea bloom?
Soviets smile, but fake stories continue
Soviets are baseball babes eagerly in search of Ruthian skills
Petition sparks drive to require child-proof cigarette lighters. PLAYING WITH FIRE
A two-house tour of presidential residential history. TEDDY ROOSEVELT'S HOMES
Squop a wink
Milk and megawatts
Deficit numbers better, but how bad were they in the first place?
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
A bloom in every room. Home of Jeri Moran testifies to her fondness for flowers
Our Father-Mother--God
New city plan seeks to end New York's foster-care shuffle
Nevada brothels assailed as harmful to state image
Brezhnev era on trial in Moscow
History repeats itself in Burundi. Second flood of Hutu refugees in 16 years tells of Tutsi domination
Wall Street learns how to go forward, stand still, and retreat at the same time
Politics of yesteryear
Carmakers want to be bankers, too. Big Three move into mortage lending and commercial leasing
An outspoken man
What `veepstakes' hath wrought in the '88 election
Bennett at his best
Election '88: sprint to the wire. Much at stake for high court and level of federal activism
With Bentsen on ticket, all Texas bets are off