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Monitor Archive for September 23, 1988

Diplomacy and the greenhouse effect
Invasion of the Land Yachts
The newest game in Seoul is courting communists
Will new road in Amazon pave way for wealth or devastation?
Fewer illegal aliens caught at US border. But interpretations vary on why the drop
Soviet publication targets Brezhnev-era holdover. HOUSECLEANING SOVIET-STYLE
The SOAPS. Do they support or undermine family? THE AFTERNOONS OF OUR LIVES
College crisis across Africa
Next president will face a space crossroads
Singing the alphabet with Colby
Jousting aboard `flying horses'
Polaroid stalls while it weighs takeover defenses
Bombing blitz injures 47 in South Africa
New terrorism pushes Bonn toward harder line. RED ARMY FACTION
Results of Olympic competition through Sept. 22
Showdown at TV corral. Much hangs on the outcome of the candidates' encounter Sunday night. Dukakis hopes to recharge his campaign, Bush to show he'...
Senators push for new tack on trade with Japan
Questions over trade weave through Britain's wool revival
Specter of heightened civil war hangs over Lebanon. After Christian boycott, Muslims vow to reject interim cabinet
Not just another college debate
A healing response to terrorism
Bush, Dukakis on space
Olympic gold rush: battle of the fleet feet. World's fastest humans meeting in the 100 meters
Smaller opera companies provide a means for young singers to grow. FESTIVAL IN OMAHA
Latest coup draws cheers from ordinary Haitians
LIGHT FLIGHT. These are not the folded-paper darts you threw crookedly across third-period study hall
Centimeters, bubbles, trade
Scarsdale can be as exotic as any place. Avant-garde films and documentaries make their annual bid. ALTERNATIVES TO THE MOVIES AT THE MALL
Reverse mortgages give elderly with homes a cash reserve. Federal program will insure loans to be paid back when house is sold