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Monitor Archive for September 22, 1988

Space-launch firms come down to earth
Putting Vermont on the drawing board
The book lady of the barrio
Who represents Palestine now?
Art that springs from Latin roots
Soviets grope for answer to unrest. Moscow's crackdown in Nagorno-Karabakh Wednesday (Page 2) shows mounting concern over nationalist protests. Else...
LOVE CANAL - 10 YEARS AFTER. A cleanup still waiting to happen
Why Peruvian farms grow hunger
From model suburb to danger zone
Cycle of violence grips Burma. Government alternates between wooing support and quashing dissent
Third-world debt stalls development as rich nations get richer
TEEN DRINKING. SOUTH - AND NORTH - OF THE BORDER. In United States. Young Americans also need support to protect them from an array of alcohol-relat...
Burmese opponent speaks
Hong Kong, democracy, and the Chinese learning process
Don't shut that door
Dukakis's scissors-and-staples approach to national security
Indian leader makes overtures on visit to troubled Sikh area
A college that keeps judges up to date
Lebanon's election scramble goes down to the wire. Gemayel visits Syria seeking candidate acceptable to all
TEEN DRINKING. SOUTH - AND NORTH - OF THE BORDER. In Mexico. Greater attention and care needed for many of today's young Mexicans who are searching...
Shevardnadze, Shultz keep whittling at bilateral agenda. US to press Soviets hard for more progress on human rights
Meager hopes in Haiti
The empowerment of literacy
Israel's `sputnik'
IBM's `bus' arrives, but some buyers may wait for the next one
`Double trouble' from South Dakota. Two sets of wrestling twins put state on Olympic map
US rocks to a Soviet beat. Superstar vocalist Alla Pugacheva tours the States
Shoring up regional interests in South Pacific. Islands aim to move beyond `coconut economies'
Pennsylvania will test big labor's electoral clout
Trees fall, protests rise over the Amazon. Little disturbed for centuries, the fragile Amazon rain forest is being destroyed at an accelerating pace...
`Patty Hearst' looks back on a bizarre era. Pseudo-revolutionaries even fuel some humor
New T-bird brings back the supercharger