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Monitor Archive for September 21, 1988

Modern pentathlon: a daunting test of varied athletic skills
Food fight has Maine fifth-graders popping mad
Burma deserves better
Making way for free trade. US, Canadian firms plan cross-border raids
Sharp attack, tight defense win US Open
Wanted: new airports to ease gridlock of increasing air travel
`Winged flowers, or flying gems'. Exotic butterflies, gathered from around the world, light and flutter around their new home in Georgia, a lush, su...
Trade pact awaits Canada vote. As goes the election fate of Prime Minister Mulroney, so goes the US-Canada free-trade pact
Moving toward free trade: highlights of the US-Canada pact
Space telescopes will give new views of the universe
Ferment brews in Soviet Baltics. Unrest in the Baltics carries more of a wallop than strife in Armenia (P. 8). Baltic nationalists want to remake th...
Mandatory sentencing: a trying problem
Things a pollster can count on
Gorbachev's deal
Strauss: Democrats being out-slicked
Climbing the Matterhorn: a rite of passage
Why the flag, of all things, became an election issue
Mystery meat. Is schoolchildren's cafeteria food out to lunch? `WHAT IS IT TODAY?'
Armenian protests rumble on
Getting traffic moving
Hike likely in minimum wage - and fast-food prices
Some see hope in change of guard in Haiti. Was popular will behind Namphy's ouster?
In Tokyo, clowns bring smiles that bridge East-West gap
The name of the game
East-bloc passions
US space scientists look to year of excitement after long hiatus. But program still threatened by `shuttle dependency'
Mexico's dancing ambassadors. Ballet Folkl'orico aims to capture the spirit of peoples and their times
Freedom from guilt and shame
Journal of a hut-builder
An old-fashioned tragi-comedy, played out under a modern cloud. `A MURDER OF CROWS'