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Monitor Archive for September 20, 1988

Olympics could open Soviet-South Korean relations
UN reopens with a little more peace, a little more money
US plans `Freedom' to join Soviet `Peace'
Soviet opinion-takers tell it like it is. First private group to poll public has already made waves
Memo to Michael: what Jesse really wants
Stiff upper lips for Eurotunnel backers as building delays mount. Though construction has begun on the massive tunnel linking Britain and France, so...
Bush, Dukakis, and defense
How a holographic lens works
Focus on lens with a future. Holograms - three-dimensional laser images - are replacing conventional optical devices, speeding up supermarket checko...
Campaigning with a script
Advantage who?
Seoul Olympics cap Anne Donovan's long basketball odyssey
Iraq's fleeing Kurds
Even award-winning car can't beat Olds doldrums
Straight on course
Witch hazel winter. Plant these flowering shrubs now for garden fragrance and color when the snow falls
Bank fees rankle Canadians. One even had a fee to make change for a $20
Japan grapples with threat of new trade blocs in West. Will Tokyo team up with other Pacific economies?
Exploring St. Louis. History, recreation, river lore beckon fall visitors
Stroke of a different swimmer: gold for Janet Evans
Israel's Arab swing vote
NASA asks: to man or not to man? Manned missions seen as key factor in public support for space program
Sweden's outburst of Green
Edo de Waart's baton is in the service of all kinds of serious music. THE FINE ART OF RE-CREATION
The `x' factor: swing voters. Independents, ticket splitters lukewarm on both Dukakis, Bush
Human rights: the shadow side of the Seoul Olympiad
Chicago's full jail shows court reform needed
Aussie attack blows US out of the water again
A schoolboy swept away by Van Gogh
Military rule heightens violence on Burma's streets