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Monitor Archive for September 2, 1988

Too many Democrats, too few elective offices in Bay State
Family income level stagnates. Empty houses rile homeless advocates
Being an original - like everybody else
`Crossing Delancey' with too much help. Amy Irving stars in warm Jewish tale
A home run in truck leasing
Mongrels that never bark or bite
Echoes of Stalin. Behind the glasnost images
Federal budget talk: rhetoric vs. reality
On stage: `From the Mississippi Delta'
Amazing tales of a con man who circled the world. Biography of a scoundrel
Emerging Japan
Family income level stagnates. Will voters think `pocketbook' election day? GETTING A PIECE OF THE AMERICAN PIE
Taxpayers bite back on school bonds. Hull school chief's first assignment: cut costs
The ultimate off-season. Endtime fiction and fact
A country no writer could imagine
Emmy Awards catch wave of baby-boomers. ABC narrowly garners most honors, and cable enters the competition
Eloquent images of human experience. Enduring photographs
Safety group charges OSHA with favoritism
Culture clash in a dusty oasis...oil wealth vs. Western values. With Arabic cadence
Taxpayers bite back on school bonds. Voters resist increased school debt despite bankers' favorable ratings
Is the trade gap really a problem?
Is it lawful?
What's next - a Natchitoches film festival? For small Louisiana city, a movie production means big stars and big bucks
Tamachek ways: ancient and modern
Debate stalls US bid to use deadly spray on Peru's coca
Though mostly Mozart, festival gave more than a nod to Haydn
Lawmakers get down to nuts and bolts - no kidding
Finding the roots of altruism. Beyond self-preservation
Life before lawn mowers
The art of survival. In Mali, drought turns Tamachek to craftmaking