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Monitor Archive for September 14, 1988

Consultant predicts eating trends for the '90s
Greenwell having MVP-type year; no second thoughts for Winfield
Red tape and confusion hamper Bangladesh relief effort. Voluntary agencies play key role in helping government distribute aid
Lessons from Yonkers
Farm economy squeaks by. But for some farmers, drought has spelled disaster
Politics in paradise - the genesis of `original sin'
The thorn in the bear's paw
Artists who work ALL NIGHT LONG
Key West, young man. Try the taste of America's tropics
A sustainable expansion
Do you love yourself?
VIDEOSCAN. A selection of new releases for sale or rental
The forest after the fire
Animal stunts: circus delights, and a sober note of concern. `We give all our heart and soul to the animals, that is why they can be so playful and...
Breaking rank with military tradition. East European youth turn their fire against military draft
Power and passion. Goodwin's memoir of the Kennedy-Johnson era
Big Three carmakers unite to beat problems with plastics. US companies have lead on new technology, and want to keep it
Cisneros bows out - for now. San Antonio mayor has been one of US's leading Hispanics
Can society act fast enough to save the environment? Until now, society has reacted to existing ecological crises. But that approach won't solve lon...
Edinburgh's bountiful cultural feast. Festival and its `Fringe' keep attracting crowds despite a slack season
Beyond Mozart
AMBASSADORS FOR FUN. The fabulous Moscow Circus comes to America