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Monitor Archive for September 12, 1988

Fires ignite debate over `let-it-burn' policy
Steffi Graf moves on from historic Slam to quest for Olympic gold. West German teen-ager appears capable of dominating women's tennis for next decade
Developers stake claims next to US parks
Handsome new museum needs equally handsome art. CANADA'S NATIONAL GALLERY
Pulling a rug out from under generals. Constitution seeks to undo the legacy of military rule
Turkey anxious about presence of Iraqi Kurds
US in a bind over Iraqi use of poison gas against Kurds. Goal to maintain ties while decrying chemical weapons
In a nutshell. Peanuts, corn, soybeans, wheat - Feltses' cash crops
Life-skill learning at the local level
Women: not just another `special interest'
Japan warns of Red Army moves
Arafat speech may reveal stand. PROVISIONAL PALESTINIAN STATE?
Solidarity: out in the open, fighting to become legal. Polish union seeks path between confrontation and compromise
Don't let fear of the future spoil now
Shrugs over Drexel, but effects may linger
More fiction than fact - novel replays the JFK assassination
A modest Proposition 2
East Europeans break political taboos. Throughout East Europe, grass-roots movements are chiseling away at the power structure. Activists, inspired...
Airborne adoption center
Dukakis fights back, but party urges more
Real estate keeps Texas thrifts in the hole. Some of Houston's office buildings may end up as storage space, while the Texas real estate glut goes o...
Talk of Southern Baptist split grows. But moderates are loath to cut ties to assets that conservatives control
Coming to the US in 1990: a huge celebration of Indonesian culture