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Monitor Archive for August 9, 1988

Air Force faces shortage as pilots head for friendlier skies. Higher pay, more stable careers lure aviators to commercial airlines
Jordan's stance jolts other Mideast players. Hussein to meet with US envoy, PLO after `final word' on West Bank
American describes his 44-year Soviet odyssey. BACK HOME AGAIN
Parties in southwest Africa agree on steps toward peace
The Gulf cease-fire
Fed's man in Boston warns economy is growing too fast. Surprised that markets have not reacted more to interest rate hikes
New Orleans: jambalaya of a city. Its hybrid culture a mix of French, black, Caribbean
Why not rubber roadbeds?
Eternal India: counting minutes across the distance
Last concert at Reagan White House. `Democratic weather' dampens `In Performance' finale
If tobacco is addictive, then it's time to ban ads for it
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
Drop the top, crank tunes, and cruise - anywhere but Hollywood
Memories of a pagoda-and-peacock land. Temples and statues in former Korean capital move this pre-Olympics visitor
Dorsett deal strengthens Bronco backfield, Super Bowl hopes
UN to host direct Iran-Iraq talks following truce. Last-minute concessions assist UN negotiations
Noble moments
Peking loosens reins on religion. Tolerating some religious activity is part of larger goal of uniting country
Sudanese tribal relations turn bitter under pressures of war
Friction over roller bearings. US makers ask protection against cheaper imports
US space program is only as good as its launch rocket fleet
Old tires bounce back as new rubber products
Power politics in the Politburo
AERONUTS. Piloting anything that will fly, a wild and crazy assortment of airplane enthusiasts converge on Oshkosh to swap air lore and show off the...
True bliss
`Dirty politics'
Ronald Reagan for VP?
Minority contractors building a firm base. Private-sector projects open new doors
When drug laws are too harsh to work
GRAY WATER. Or how to save the roses during drought