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Monitor Archive for August 29, 1988

Take out the trash, but watch out for the waste
DIVIDED KOREA. Korea, with its rich culture and history, will be in the world spotlight when the Olympic Games begin in Seoul next month. For South...
North-South Korea talks leave question mark over Olympics
Quayle stakes out Senate perch as a hawk's hawk. Senator's defense record: hard-line but independent
Burma searches for order amid anarchy. Neither rulers nor protestors have a grip on current unrest
Where will power come from? Conservation and efficient appliances can put off the need for new power plants; Austin replaces 89,000 air conditioners
In kids' fashion, plain `bo-bos' are a no-no
US overseas bases: fewer is not necessarily cheaper
The shapes of urban life
Espionage case shows failings of US anti-spy efforts. But will improvements staunch flow of secrets?
Open our eyes
Tug of war looms over Gulf POWs. Iraqi prisoners who changed loyalties don't want to go home. BARRIER TO IRAN-IRAQ PEACE ACCORD
Energy needs of 1990s join list of 1988's election issues
Austrian masters who should be better known. Schiele works stand out in intriguing exhibition
Eight more years of this? Chileans register in records numbers for historic vote
For the capital's showboat - a tough new captain. As Ralph Davidson, the no-nonsense former chairman of Time Inc., takes the helm at Washington's Ke...
The changing face of American pacifism
Northern Ireland extraditions aim to tighten net around guerrillas. ANGLO-IRISH COOPERATION
Civil rights workers divided on strategy. New vanguard in movement calls for action, not demonstrations
Queuing up for EC membership?
Science in a moral context
Multi-sport state `Games' copy Olympics
Summer of my independence. Bronx teens answer `help wanted' call from Cape Cod town
Soviets to roll back Stalinist farm policies
Welcome schoolyard diversity
When investors get no signals, any sign - even rumors - will do
Summer of my independence. Bronx teens answer `help wanted' call from Cape Cod town