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Monitor Archive for August 26, 1988

Australia's role in Pacific tied into Asian immigration debate
Harvesting blues in the high bush
Quayle's curious `fondness' for vets
Study assails speech fees to lawmakers as influence buying. Common Cause says fees often go to key-committee members
Latest spy saga illustrates Soviet bloc's `saturation' style. Espionage group with ex-US soldier worked for Hungarians, officials say
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble in Eastern Europe. Economic difficulties, disillusionment with reform prompt protests
Everything you need to know about your local school budget but were afraid to ask
Groups to reenact 1963 rights march. They call for the `fruition' of Martin Luther King's dream
Bill to reform auto insurance rates languishes in State House
Golf moms. Child care in women's golf suits families to a tee
The `Prague spring' and perestroika
Seeing `wink to wink' on deficit. Washington plays down large budget shortfall estimates
Divvying up the school dollar. State expenditures for school reform level off
Is there still hope?
Sights below the surface
Film focuses on possible mishandling of criminal case
Baseball's Frisch-for-Hornsby as big as any player trade ever
A (Soviet) superpower adjusts to brave new four-power world
Young skaters and families make sacrifices
Spalding centennial: time for rediscovery. Some of the artist's finest recordings to be issued as compact discs
Divvying up the school dollar. Federal funds focus on aid to disadvantaged
Video democracy: campaigning in your living room. When presidential candidates advertise on television, is the political process trivialized? Media...
For Angola rebels, business is booming
Books examine changing attitudes in US and Japan