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Monitor Archive for August 19, 1988

Business basics in the Bronx. Steve Mariotti gives inner-city kids a lesson on success
For Bush, an old pro takes charge
Signs point to sabotage in Zia crash. Of President's adversaries, three seem most likely suspects
After Jordan's move, new rules of the game in Palestine
Charges of interference fly as Lebanon postpones election
High notes
GOP readies for tough fight against Dukakis
Original cast re-creates `Ain't Misbehavin''. Waller saga is durable in Broadway revival
Eight years and a war later ...Iraq faces host of challenges on diplomatic, economic fronts. GULF CEASE-FIRE
In concert with children
Freeway friend
What Bush must do
`Prague spring' and perestroika
Rising tide of interest rates puts the world in deeper water
A heart made new
Clanging the dishes
Demme's `Married to the Mob'. Exploring the tacky side of the American dream
The procurement mess
FLASH: America is losing its cool!
Reagan: the consummate party leader
Early Virginia's black and white culture
Penderecki establishes operatic mastery. Polish composer talks about his newfound romance with opera
OUR BUNGALOW. Couple discovers dream home in Oregon working-class preserve
Believers outnumber church belongers. Out-of-pocket religiosity on rise: per capita giving up. THE FAITH GAP
Backyards: refreshing `outdoor rooms'
Getting a lift out of politics
Knocking down trade walls. Australia and New Zealand have signed a ground-breaking trade agreement that wipes away most barriers between them. Some...
Youth vote has been quirk, not constant in elections
Penderecki establishes operatic mastery. Challenging `Black Mask' staged by Santa Fe Opera
Eight years and a war later ...Iranian revolution can now turn its attention inward. GULF CEASE-FIRE
To spiff up its image, Jakarta does away with traditional taxis. Officials say three-wheelers are an eyesore in Indonesian capital