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Monitor Archive for August 18, 1988

Shaw Festival holds to prosperous course. Its best seats now cost more than Toronto's
Dukakis, Kennedy, and O'Neill - Massachusetts' `odd trio'. Governor, senator, ex-Speaker come from very different Democratic molds
Shhhh! We're spying on your spies
Quayle: wide appeal but untried on national stage
Painting the act of thinking
Soviet military: a big voice that is speaking softly ... for now. Under Soviet reform, the military faces unprecedented press criticism and pending...
GOP enthusiasm for Bush-Quayle grows
Strategy behind Quayle pick. BUSH'S BOLD STROKE
Quayle on ticket - sign of `new' Bush
Divine Mind -- the true source of individuality
North Sea seal losses worse than expected
A Tale of Two Augusts - and false hopes in Eastern Europe
PGA winner is in the green after coming out of the blue
What does the government spend money on? People, mostly
The legacy Zia leaves behind in Pakistan. Successor faces border tensions, domestic turmoil
US uncertainty at loss of key ally
Apple Corps brings back 1940 comedy
Breaking the grip of central planning. Czech leaders look to move economy forward
Heat wave, drought put double squeeze on utilities. Power production and waterways drop
Aussie aims to snuff out cigarette ads
Politics 1988 style
A tale of six new concertos, live and on CD
Paint, nails, and a will to work. Teen `campers' give hands-on aid to needy
For super-cheap air fares, couriers carry corporate baggage
Free speech: a legal tradition as literature
Direct address: from president to the people
The politics of inclusion