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Monitor Archive for August 15, 1988

Opposition in India seeks to strengthen thread of unity. But anti-Gandhi group faces dissent and its own scandal
Stand by me. Volunteers help children involved in court cases. CHILD ADVOCATES
Robertson straddles political, religious roles
US trade strain eases with Japan, but Europe poses growing problem
GOP fortunes and the Fed
Who gets the credit for progress in foreign policy?
Whooping it up in `N'Awlins'
A few spare parts and lots of ingenuity keep Managua running
Louisiana's energetic reformer. Governor pushes economic agenda to get state on track
Baby care? Ask Mama Ruby
Grass-roots community service. Young people work on local projects in City Year program
Minnesota fever
Late-bloomer Chris Sabo gives Reds refreshing rookie star
Life on the prairie
Whatever happened to the conservative tide?
Slimmed-down Ohio Players jazz/funk group is back - on Track
Sharing conservation concerns. Youth study balance of development, environment
Economic boom boosts steel comeback
Pivotal week for Bush. SPOTLIGHT ON THE GOP
Summer brushfire on reform in Moscow. Gorbachev allies scramble to answer charges of Kremlin No. 2
In Burma, the lull after the storm. Calm rides on picking chief acceptable to Army and protesters
Mapplethorpe: fusing originality with classicism. Also, a fascinating look at a forgotten pioneer of abstract painting
On economics, ideology, power
New NATO chief takes aim at Soviet charm offensive
The Spanish empire did the Armada in. HISTORICAL ANALYSIS
Nonvoters: deciding not to decide
`We guarantee it!' And they really do
US wants Chileans to have a free choice in fall plebiscite
Vladimir Derevianko. Six years ago, one of the Bolshoi Ballet's brightest young stars fled his country - not for artistic reasons, but for love of a...
Indonesia looks askance at China's proffered hand. East Asia's two giants find it hard not to mix business and politics. Indonesia's bitter taste of...
Kasparov-Karpov rivalry goes on: a grinding game by Gary
Love thy neighbor -- even if you live in a condominium