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Monitor Archive for August 12, 1988

Bear cycle
Burma's future
Kids' TV: a hard, but hopeful, road to reform
TV coverage of Republican convention
The need to plan. Exploring alternatives: a key to a productive life. WOMEN AND RETIREMENT: PART 2
Summer science study. DOE offers high school students two weeks of front-line research
US election won't make many waves abroad
Libert'e, fraternit'e, and German salad
Looking past the rags
Traffic jam in leaf-land. Everybody and his uncle comes to New England in the autumn
Two woods
Troops may go, but Soviet Afghan legacy remains. HOMEWARD BOUND
Gretzky, struck by Cupid's arrow, moves to L.A. But will this blockbuster deal move the Stanley Cup, too?
Distorting the life of Jesus
UN chief pushes Western Sahara peace
Nicaraguan peace talks may get new life. Arias awaits Sandinista reply to proposals
Western navies alert for trouble in Gulf though calm prevails
Stepped-up Afghan guerrilla action slows Soviet pullout
Machu Picchu lay below us. This fabled, abandoned city is a joy to discover for yourself
GOP platform process `open,' but Bush controls
Blue Hill, Maine
Torrent of woes keeps Poland's ombudsman, er, woman, on the go. EAST BLOC'S MRS. FIXIT
Born to shop? Try San Juan. This Caribbean island-emporium also offers beautiful Spanish architecture, walkability
Industry scrambles to find ozone-safe CFC substitutes
French museum signals new attitude toward WWII. Old sensitivity replaced by desire to understand
Following Karen Blixen into Africa
Ticky-tacky Tijuana. Two cultures meet on uneven ground; food for thought for the sidewalk anthropologist
Divided Senate approves contra aid
Czechs view Soviets - then and now
More investors venture into third world. GLOBAL MARKETS
Crane on Fish Rock
Avoid the fall crush: go to the Catskills. Guests return year after year to resorts in the Borsch Belt, where, in autumn, you can see the forest for...
Cable prowls Hollywood sound stages
Christ Jesus -- the Saviour
Britain's financial predicament
Who's being protectionist now?
High-energy light for high-intensity research
Beethoven is played to a new/old beat. Composer's long-ignored tempos get fresh test