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Monitor Archive for August 10, 1988

Up-close and personal politics
CollegeSure: a way to keep pace with rising cost of college
Florida 'gator hunt shows species' rapid comeback. A means to preserve animals and wetlands
Murdoch pushes `grand strategy'. Purchase of TV Guide expands his global media influence
How likely, really, is a Soviet attack?
For Soviet vacationers, getting there is not half the fun. Delays are often measured not in hours, but in days
Critics charge US policy fuels conflict in Somalia. The Somali regime, battered by insurgency and discontent within and criticism from without, may...
Ever-expanding parenthood
A humble seed holds big promise. Ethiopian grain can weather harsh climes
Drug lords and public on collision path in Bolivia
Indonesia winds down illegal tape industry
Playing politics with defense
Anglicans wrap up key meeting. Resolutions acknowledge growing African following
Greenspan steps up his fight against inflation. Hike in discount rate is out of character for Fed in election year
A Soviet defector's wearisome tale of life in KGB's fast lane
`Moonlighting's' Caron talks about his antidrug film. CHAT WITH A DIRECTOR
River rats on the `terrible Tennessee'
Sons of the lake. On quiet waters in eastern Burma, a primitive and beautiful fishing community
Thank you, Helen Hayes, Rudolf Serkin, Gordon Parks .... 12 creative artists and patrons receive National Medal of Arts
Eavesdropping on two generations. `Checkmates' shows black couples coping with ever-changing times
ETHIOPIAN EATS. Will they be America's newest ethnic food fad? FOOD FROM THE DARK CONTINENT
When loners feel sociable and joiners need their space
Shiite Muslim confesses to 1985 hijacking of TWA plane
Desperately seeking dry clothing in the Canadian wilderness
Informed choice on credit cards
Kids and the lure of the tube. The decades-long struggle over what children see on TV - and how to control it - has lately focused on a bill to limi...
Dukakis - what kind of president? Sifting through clues about what would happen with a Duke in the White House
PGA golfers may `Dye' hard on tough Oklahoma course
Onions to oysters: almost all recipes have a history
In Brazil, fight for land intensifies. As land reform falters, peasants and ranchers take law into own hands
Meese decision keeps Detroit a two-newspaper city. Observers disagree: Is public served, or will competition suffer?